President’s Message – April 2021

Dear PSCT Members,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and quality time with your family.

As we start to get vaccines, sporadic days of sun and warmth, it reminds us to start looking towards the future.  As we do so, what topic is more progressive than learning how companies are becoming better stewards for future generations.  This month Mike Jeffries from Covestro will be presenting on Ways to Incorporate Sustainability and Circular Economy Principles in Product Development.

Last month an exceptional presentation was offered by Martin Neal with PPG on New Innovations in Powder Coatings, focusing on their Envirocron® Extreme Protection Edge Technology for Advanced Corrosion Performance.  In his presentation, great depth was offered into the extraordinary efforts that have been made to protecting coated edges.  Thank you very much Martin, your presentation was well delivered and very informative.

We will again have a hybrid approach to our meeting in April.  In March, we had the largest in-person turnout since the pandemic began. It was great to see so many people once again.  We look forward to the day we can all be able to attend, but until then welcome everyone whether you are able to join on-line or in-person.

Finally, please keep your calendars marked for Monday, May 10th as it is the date of our Spring Social Event.  As long as it is deemed safe through our government officials, we hope to enjoy a night out to network and enjoy one another’s company.  More information will come on the final venue of this event. 

Chris Chaousy, PSCT President 2020-2021

President’s Message – March 2021

Dear PSCT Members,
Thank you to Mark W. Ellsworth, Ph.D. from Color Corporation of America for presenting on Transparent Water-Borne Pigment Dispersions. It humbles me at times to realize how much goes into common stains and coatings that continuously improve. In the reverse order, it is like looking back at a picture of ourselves 10 years ago, not noticing the slight changes time has on our appearance until we see that photo. Fortunately, for each wrinkle, a bit of wisdom has been gained internally. For those with no wrinkles working towards gaining wisdom, the scholarship application is due MARCH 15. Please try to encourage those that qualify to take advantage of this monetary aid to help them with their studies. The application can be found on the website. We are cautiously optimistic to be offering a Spring Social this May. Assuming conditions allow, a wine tasting paired with dinner will be held at the Mighty Oak Barrell in Oakmont, stay tuned for further updates. For our March meeting, we are excited to have Martin Neal from PPG, who will be speaking on Innovations in Powder Coatings. Please try and invite a colleague, customer or supplier to either join us online or in person at Roland’s Seafood Grill. Either way, I look forward to seeing everyone very soon.

Chris Chaousy
PSCT President 2020-2021

President’s Message – February 2021

Dear PSCT Members,
I want to thank Carla Dittman McBain for her time in our January meeting to present on the topic of Hydrophobic Surfaces. It was fascinating to learn how little research was completed on this topic before the early 2000s and hearing the remarkable progress made since. This month we are privileged to hear from Mark W. Ellsworth, Ph.D. from Color Corporation of America, presenting on Transparent Water-Borne Pigment Dispersions.
It is a challenge to have distinguished speakers on topics relevant to the times each month. As a group, we are very fortunate to have Barbra Anderson, who works hard behind the scenes to fill these speaker roles. Barbra has begun scheduling speakers into the fall of this year and spring of 2022. If you or someone you know of would be interested in speaking at a future meeting, please have them reach out to Barb Anderson.
As we look forward to getting back to normal, with everyone meeting once again, please consider learning more about board and committee positions opening for 2021-22. Becoming more involved not only is a way to give back to PSCT, but is a great way to build relationships with others in the industry. If interested please reach out to anyone currently on the board.
Scholarships will be offered to eligible students who apply by the deadline of March 15, 2021. That is only a little of a month away. Please give a little encouragement to those eligible to begin the application process.
Lastly, a hybrid meeting approach will be offered in February, therefore, please join us either virtually or physically at Rolands Seafood Grill. Either way, I look forward to seeing everyone very soon.
Chris Chaousy
PSCT President 2020-2021

President’s Message – December 2020

Dear PSCT Members,

I want to thank Dr. Christy Martin from INEOS Pigments, who gave an excellent presentation on pigments relating properties to coating performance. She offered a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that exist between pigment producers and coating formulators.

Unfortunately, due to the rise in COVID 19 cases and respecting Allegheny County’s stay-at-home order, we reversed our decision announced at the October meeting to hold our annual holiday gathering. We are saddened not to meet this year but know it is the best decision for our members and the community.

As we spend more time at home this holiday season, it is an excellent opportunity to nudge high school seniors and college students to begin the PSCT Scholarship application. The application can be found on the PSCT website. Any questions surrounding the application process can be directed to Karen Hollertz, our Scholarship Committee Chair. She and other members of the committee very generously donate their time to this essential duty.

As this year comes to an end, I hope everyone enjoys this rare moment in history when life has will slow down as we approach the holidays. I sincerely wish everyone a joyous Christmas and Hanukkah!

Chris Chaousy

PSCT President 2020-2021

President’s Message – November 2020

Dear PSCT Members, A very special thank you to Dr. Gary Horacek, who not only had connection problems causing him to begin his presentation from his car but after losing connection in the car, he went inside a public community building to complete the presentation.  Talk about going above and beyond.  Thank you for your efforts and for offering a fantastic presentation on Anti-Microbial Coatings, separating the hype from the facts. This month we are lucky to have Dr. Christy Martin from Ineos who will present on relating properties of pigments to coating performance.

Last month was our first hybrid meeting and it was a success.  We will be providing the same options in November, please feel free to join us in person or online.

I would like to thank Julia Buar for putting together a survey, and also those that responded on whether they would attend an in-person traditional meeting or social event in December.  We received 38 responses to help guide the board in making the best decision for the group.   An announcement will be made at the November meeting and through an email blast on our plan for December.

Lastly, I would like to wish all of our members a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  Although this year has been difficult, there are still many silver linings and blessings for which we are able to be thankful.

Chris Chaousy

PSCT President 2020-2021

President’s Message – October 2020

Dear PSCT Members,  I am grateful for all those that participated in making this year’s golf outing a huge success. A special thank you goes out to our sponsors and Chris Gehly, who organized this event. As many of you know, the money raised at this event makes it possible to offer scholarships each year.

It is exciting to get back to our regular meetings, which kick off with Dr. Gary Horacek presenting anti-microbial coatings, separating the Hype from Facts. The presentation will be offered virtually and in person. The virtual option will follow past protocol. For those who feel comfortable, we are providing an opportunity to watch it on the big screen at Roland’s. For those attending in person, dinner will follow the presentation. Although many will not physically attend meetings this year, please don’t forget to join or renew your membership. Also, consider passing along a membership form to a friend or co-worker. From my time in the Marines, we were told repeatedly, “Leave It Better Than You Found It.” I believe this applies to our organization as the future of PSCT is in our hands.

Chris Chaousy

PSCT President 2020-2021

President’s Message – May 2020

Dear PSCT Members,

PSCT’s first online meeting featured an excellent presentation by Mike Toth, the NAFTA Regional End Use Manager for Wood Coatings & Additives at BYK USA. The presentation had something for everyone, from those interested in the consumer market and additives for wood coatings to laboratory tests that are generally applicable. Mike graciously shared his slides and notes with us. Please see the PSCT web site’s home page at if you are interested.

There will be one more online PSCT meeting this year. Shanti Swarup, Associate Fellow at PPG, will discuss innovations in polymer synthesis and their application in new automotive painting processes at the May 18th meeting. Dr. Swarup has had fantastic career at PPG. In addition to being the named inventor on 550 global patents and publications, he has been the recipient of numerous awards from PPG and other organizations. We are honored to feature Dr. Swarup as our final speaker for the PSCT year. Note that the meeting will begin at 4 pm. We hope that you can attend!

I was glad to be PSCT President this year. The board members are very helpful and friendly folk with a wealth of experience, and they all work together to forward the objectives of the organization. There are some openings for committee heads. If you would like to volunteer your time to help this worthy Society, please let a member of the board know.

Cheryl Roberts
PSCT President 2019-2020

President’s Message – November 2019

Dear PSCT Members,

I would like to thank Kurt Olson, a PPG R&D Fellow, for taking the time last month to share his expertise in new coatings technologies. It was fascinating to hear about innovations such as coatings that can keep an airplane cool and paints that know when corrosion is starting. His slides may be found on the PSCT website.
If you have a student in high school or in college, consider having them apply for the Hiram P. Ball Scholarship, and if your student has a STEM major, the STEM grant as well. See the application found at the end of this newsletter for the requirements. The golf outing, which is held every year in September, is the sole fund raiser for the scholarship and grant. Note that the date of the 2020 golf outing has been set for September 9, which is the Thursday after Labor Day. If you might be interested in chairing the 2020 golf outing committee, please talk to someone on the board.

The November 14 meeting will feature a presentation by Dave Loveday of Gamry on EIS and other electrochemical methods. We hope to see you there! Please forward this newsletter to your associates in the Pittsburgh area who do work in this area.

Cheryl Roberts
PSCT President 2019-2020

President’s Message – October 2019

Dear PSCT Members,
I would like to thank the golfers and business sponsors who attended and supported the September Golf Outing. I would like to also extend a large than you to Art Kasson for organizing the event and Conley Resort and Golf Club
for hosting. Without this event, we would not be able to support our future scholarship recipients.

We have an interesting lineup of speakers planned from companies including PPG, Kennametal, Ashland, and Gamry Instruments. See elsewhere in this newsletter for the meeting/speaker schedule. Note that the first meeting will be held October 7, which is the first Monday of the month. Kurt Olson, a PPG Research Fellow, will be speaking about innovation as a growth engine in the coatings industry. The meeting will be held at Roland’s Seafood Grill on Penn Avenue in the Strip District. I look forward to seeing you there.

Cheryl Roberts, PSCT President 2019-2020

President’s Message-May 2019

Dear PSCT Members,

I would like to thank Thomas Sames of Lanxess Corporation for taking
time out of his schedule to come and speak to all of us about In-Can
and Dry-Film Preservation of Paints and Coatings. This was an excellent
overview of technologies that are present in the field and some of the
challenges facing formulators as we try to produce the best products for
our customers. It was very informative.

Thank you to all who donated to the Hiram P. Memorial Scholarship and
STEM Grant this year. Also, a special thanks to Karren Hollertz, Scholarship
Chair, and the rest of the scholarship committee comprising of Deb Longhini, Bill Hawk, Gary
Balint, and Cliff Schoff for donating their time this year. Lastly, congratulations to the following
scholarship recipients this year: Caleigh Anderson, Angela Roberts, Kristopher Stewart, Andrew
Meshanko and John Sherbondy. John was also awarded this year’s STEM grant.

Lastly, I would just like to thank everyone for having me as their PSCT President this year. We had
a great year, with a bunch of wonderful speakers and topics. It is with this I pass the torch off to
Cheryl Roberts, our 2019-2020 PSCT President. Thank you and I look forward to continuing my
contribution in the future.

Chris Gehly
PSCT President 2018-2019