President’s Message April 2015

Dear PSCT Members:

I would like to thank Christina Marlier from EMD Group for her presentation on a new environmentally friendly fluorosurfactant at the March meeting.

The April Meeting is the last technical meeting of the year. We are excited to announce that for the first time, the April meeting will feature presentations from the winners of the Hiram P. Ball Scholarship. This meeting will be complimentary for any scholarship recipients who should wish to attend.

In addition to the presentations from the Scholarship recipients, the election of the PSCT Officers for the 2015 – 2016 year will be taking place. Please see the section of the newsletter that outlines the current candidates and come to the April meeting prepared to vote. Nominations will also be open from the floor. A second vote on proposed PSCT Bylaws changes and a Standing Rules change will take place.

At our previous meeting a vote was taken for the location of the May Social Event and a Paint Nite Event won the vote. An e-mail was sent to each of the members providing the details for the outing. Please submit your payment to Britney Grabigel. Britney will be accepting money or checks at the April 13th PSCT Meeting. The May Social Event is on MONDAY, May 4th, and will include dinner at 6 PM and painting to begin at 7 PM.

The 2015 Hiram P. Ball Memorial Scholarship recipients are welcomed free of charge to the May Social Event. The list of recipients can be found in the newsletter including the student receiving the $500 Grant majoring in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field. This is the third year for this Grant.

Chrissy Stewart
PSCT President 2014-2015

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