President’s Message – February 2016

Dear PSCT Members,

I would like to thank Michael Knight from PCCR for his presentation on “Next Generation Polyester Dispersion for 2K Waterborne Urethane Coatings” in January. This month Jeffery Strobel from Zeeospheres Ceramics, LLC will be giving a talk titled “Ceramic Hollow Spheres in Coatings.”
Looking ahead we only have two months left of speakers. March we will have Mitch Halpert of Huber speak about ATH for Coatings Applications. April we will have a representative from Air Products to speak on Specialty Additives.
Bob Gross missed his chance at $50 so if you attend the next meeting, you could win $75.
The May meeting is our social event. We will soon be choosing a destination for this event. If you have any suggestions please contact any one of the PSCT Board Members.
Finally I would like to remind the PSCT Members with High School Senior and College aged children to encourage them to apply for the Hiram P. Ball Memorial Scholarship. Students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics fields are also encouraged to apply for the STEM Grant as well. Please review the requirements and deadline which are included in this newsletter.

Christina Marlier
PSCT President 2015-2016

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