President’s Message – November 2022

Dear PSCT Members,

We had a great October meeting and a wonderful talk from Jeff Niederst, who is the global marketing director for beverage coatings at Sherwin-Williams.  SW are doing some very interesting work in this area and we appreciated his insight into NBPA beverage can technology.

Our winner of the $95.00 drawing for the PSCT 95th year was Josh Wolfe from Shamrock Technologies.  We included all paid members into the drawing whether in attendance or not.  Congratulations Josh!

I would like to remind everyone that membership is still open and encourage anyone who is interested in advertising their company or sales/business development team to contact us and let us know you would like to post your cards or advertisement in ¼, ½ or full-page advertisements in our monthly newsletter.  These advertisements help support the operational fund for PSCT.  Membership will close after the start of the year.

Our second speaker of the year will be Reza Rock, Senior Group Leader, Coatings and Innovation, PPG. The talk is titled “Electrocoat Technology: Past Achievements,Present Challenges and Future trends” and is scheduled for Monday, November 14th, 2022 at 6:00PM. The presentation will be offered both virtually and in-person at Roland’s and dinner will be served shortly before the presentation begins.

I hope you all have a great November and an excellent Thanksgiving Holiday!    

Best regards, Art Kasson, PSCT President 2022-2023

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